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Contact Evolution measuring system - unique in the world of its kind - represents an electronic system projected into future of engineering. Born from the basic principles of a calibration machine, it carries a huge developing potential and further future applications.

IA unique feature to allow measurements of external panels of any vehicle with mechanics mounted or removed. Thanks to its sophisticated and advanced software and hardware, it can guarantee maximum precision of measurements (+/- 0,5 mm on a length spread of 5.4 meters).

All the following features of Contact Evolution software have been developed by working confidentially and closely with several prestigious OEMs


• Lightweight arm: 2.7m for a total radius of 5.4m
• Aluminum & Carbon Fiber construction
• 5 Axes movement
• Each articulation has 40.000 positions
• Bluetooth communication 
• Guided and Talking system
• Battery on board, cable free
• Mobile telescopic tripod adjustable in height
• Diagnosis save, print-out or e-mail
• Can be used with any bench or two-post lift
• No Adapters and/or Extensions needed
• Can be used on the bench in combination with jigs

Car Bench Contact Evolution latest Measuring software enables the operator to quickly measure a vehicle/Part to properly identify the structure and its design and use to compare against the Dimensions of the design up to 0.1mm accuracy. This process ensures that the manufactured components are built to the design specifications in a 3D orientation in a assembly or on its own.

Finally, given its compact size, Contact Evolution can be used around tight objects and components or as an assembly in each step of the process and may enable reverse Engineering of any component or product that is built by hand and required a blue print