What We Do

Automobile Industry Research and Design

KEWR Technologies is Sri Lanka’s 1st any only Research and Design House, focused in the Automobile Sector. As a Research center, KEWR is able to conduct research on market, technology, standards, processes, financial feasibility’s as well as Motor Manufacturer Homologation.

Design House KEWR is Partnered with SIEMENS AG

As a Design House KEWR is Partnered with SIEMENS Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for CAD (Computer Aided Designing), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) processes, whilst partnering with CARBENCH INTERNATIONAL SPA for 3D Electronic Measuring Quality Certification Engineering and compliance as well for Prototype Building equipment.

Bolstering with the Sri Lanka’s largest additive manufacturing volumetric workspace of 36,000,000mm3 of 3-Dimentional Space, KEWR technologies is able to convert CAD into prototypes, molds as well as be an early stage manufacturer of components to the manufacturing process.

Design Studio of KEWR Technologies R&D center is able to work on multiple projects for multiple clients to enable a turnkey solution for cross boarder adaptation of technologies as well as a safe space to co-create as per the requirements of any entrepreneur with a vision to locally design and manufacture Automobiles or components, or to simply Homologate components to existing automobiles that require local assembly or manufacture.

Lead by an industry Specialist and a formidably experienced Design engineer with routes to some of the highest quality Automobile as well as some of the world’s best kept performance secrets, KEWR technologies limits are only governed by the requirements of the client.

To add to the R&D stage of any automobile product, KEWR is able to bring to life the designs via a prototyping program in the R&D Center and mass production house, whilst meeting the requirements of the local Automobile standards, legislative requirements as well as client expectations in its own manufacturing and assembly facilities with conformity to international standards